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Abstract artists gallery

With Google indexing billions of webpages it's hard to see the forest for the trees - not every quality abstract artist that has a website is easily found in the search engine result pages. We at Paintings.name have browsed a large number of art-related websites and yet only scratched the surface of the abstract art that is available online. As our gallery of abstract artists grows we hope it it will attain some degree of representativity with respect to the subject matter of abstract artists online - our humble beginnings consist of describing the work a small number of abstract artists. In our selection process we are guided by criteria such as originality and technical and artistic quality, but also simply by availability. Not every artist is interested in cooperating and our time-resources are limited. We may also feel incompetent at having anything sensible to say about a certain style of abstract art, which inevitably means that many great abstract artists will not find a place here - in short, the generality of this abstract artists gallery should not be overstated, but we hope we will be able to introduce the visitor to abstract artists and viewpoints he/she was previously unfamiliar with.

The second half of the 20th century has produced an unprecedented number of different styles in art, many of which abstract art, and many new media. Paintings.name's abstract artists gallery consists predominantly of abstract painters, because that's the visual language we understand. In a sense all artforms are related, but on a deeper level they are very different, if for instance, three dimensions are involved, as in sculpture.
Now that this section of Paintings.name has some history, its nature is becoming more clear. When I started to develop these pages, I did it without prejudice of preconception: any quality abstract artist would be welcome. While evaluating possible new additions, I've come to realize it would be inappropriate to add the art work of abstract artists who are technically brilliant, famous perhaps, but otherwise glib and faceless. Much rather I will add the work of an artist who may or may not be a virtuoso, but who is original and as such a master within his own niche. In fact, some of the artists listed here have taught me more than all the contemporary famous artists put together: the deliberate randomness of Norma Nava or the understanding of the work of Frank Stella that I owe to Marko.D.

NextLevelArt Action Paintings
NEW in this abstract artists gallery are Action painters Maddie-Jo, Spencer & Tyler Tilley, a.k.a. NextLevelArt.

NEW in this abstract artists gallery are abstract fractal artists Frank Otillio and Stacy Molinary.

Norma Nava

Mike Wong Joon Fong

Mike Wong Joon Fong

Pam Sanders

Pam SandersRumyana Koleva

Rumyana Koleva

Marko D

Michaël Bellon

Michaël Bellon

John Hewitt

Robin Sperling

Robin Sperling

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